torsdag 12 mars 2009

Vad tycker Friðrik Ómar om ESC 09?

Friðrik Ómar och hans syster Regína Ósk tävlade i Eurovision Song Contest 2008 för Island. Tillsammans heter de "Euroband" och tävlade med låten "This Is My Life" (som för övrigt har den roligaste musikvideon jag sett någonsin! Klicka HÄR). Friðrik tävlade i Isländska melodifestivalen 2006 (kom 3:a) och 2007 (kom 2:a).

* Which song was your favourite in ESC 2008?

It was Norway...Hold on be strong.

* Have you seen anything from the Swedish Melodifestival this year? If yes, do you have a favourite?

Yes I have. I would have loved to see Måns win but his song is not strong enough I think....personally I like Moving on with Sarah.

* Which song from ESC through all times is your favourite? many!

* Which ESC winner do you think is the most worthy from all times?


* Have you heard any of this year´s contestants in the ESC? Any favourites?

Yes I like Norway alot. I think Alexander is gonna win this year but lets wait and see what comes from Sweden this year!

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This Is My Life - musikvideo

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